iPhone Runs Boston Marathon, RunKeeper Smart Phone Application

The human iPhone, Boston businessman Jason Jacobs dressed as an Apple iPhone smartphone in the famous Boston Marathon...Promoting iTunes store sports app RunKeeper.

Jason Jacobs, a Boston IT and Internet entrepreneur, has run the famous Boston Marathon in an iPhone suite.

The budding iPhone application maker ran as in a foam iPhone suit especially made for the epic running event.

The inventor of 'The run keeper' iPhone app, Jason Jacobs designed his app to utilise the built-in GPS in the new iPhone 3G to enable runners, cyclists, hikers, skiers, walkers, etc. to track their outdoor fitness activities.
Boston Marathon stunt, iPhone sports application RunKeeper.

The RunKeeper application Boston Marathon publicity stunt has attracted a ton of media attention and will no doubt ensure Jason Jacobs RunKeeper app gets a nice amount of downloads from the iTune store.

Jacobs actually decided just three weeks ago to run the marathon dressed as an iPhone as part of a social media campaign for RunKeeper organized by a group of Emerson College marketing communications undergraduates.

Jacobs maintained a pace averaging 8 minutes 58 seconds per mile for 26.2 miles, and placed 14,217th in a field of more than 26,000.

During the race, Jason Jacobs used his iPhone to tweet his progress and he also uploaded pictures of the race as he ran.

The iPhone Runkeeper keeps track of run duration, distance, pace, speed, total rise, altitude versus speed and your path traveled displayed on a map.

In addition to tracking all of your stats, you can store all of your historical activities on your personal web dashboard at www.runkeeper.com. You can also see a map of your activities on both the iPhone and the web. And now, you can share your activities with your friends, as we have integrated with Twitter, Facebook, and a host of other social sites, iPhone help reported.

Get a link to download RunKeeper PRO from the Apple iTunes store


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