Carla Bruni In Bed

Picture: Carla Bruni in bed portrait below

A photograph of French First Lady Carla Bruni taken back in 1994 at the age of 26 will set off a bidding frenzy.
Limited edition Carla Brun in Bed to be auctioned off.

The photography called " Carla Bruni in Bed" is set to be auctioned off for a very high price indeed when the Carla Bruni in Bed photographs go on sale in Berlin next week.

The classy Carla Bruni in Bed image depicts a nude Carla Bruni at 26, lying in bed between the sheets with a breast exposed.

Carla Bruni former model

The Carla Bruni in Bed photo portrait was taken by famous American photographer Pamela Hanson back in 1994 when the now French First lady was dating US rock'n roller Mick Jagger.
President Sarkozy is said to have "no issue" with tastefully revealing images of his wife being made public, it was previously reported.

A source at the Elysée Palace where the Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy work and live told France's Le Post news online website in reaction to the auction of Carla Bruni in Bed:

"He has made it clear he has no problem with this because he knows that the only images of his wife in existence are tasteful.

"Some may me nude, but she is a beautiful woman who was a model and only ever posed for pictures that had artistic merit."

The photo Carla Bruni in Bed will be sold at the Villa Grisebach Auction in Berlin on June 4 this year. The Carla Bruni in Bed portrait will be auctioned as part of a sale of Modern and Contemporary Photographs in the German capital.

Only ten numbered copies exist of the Calra Bruni in Bed image. One of the 10 Carla Bruni in Bed photographs is being sold with a reserve price of around $5,000 US.


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