5-year-old Natasha Russia : Police Find Girl in Siberia Apartment Being Raised Alone by Dogs and Cats, Bizarre Russia

Girl found in Russian apartment building being raised by dogs and cats in horrible conditions....

DogCat girl....A 5-year-old Russian girl has been found by Russian police in a Siberian apartment and appears to have been raised by feral cats and dogs her entire life, Russian news media said.

The unnamed girl was found in the Eastern Siberian city of Chita. The girl who appeared to look only 2 could not speak Russian. She acted like an dog when police took her into care, reports say. Dogs and cats raised feral girl.

"For five years, the girl was 'brought up' by several dogs and cats and had never been outside," a bizarre Russian police statement said.

"The unwashed girl was dressed in filthy clothes, had the clear attributes of an animal and jumped at people," the statement read.

The Soviet era flat that DogCat Girl and her legion of dog and cat guardians lived, had no heat, water, heating or even a sewage system.

“When we entered the apartment, we thought that we found ourselves on a landfill. The stench was unbearable. The child was living under insanitary conditions. There were many animals in the apartment – cats and dogs – and it seemed that the girl had been raised by those animals,” a police officer said.

A Russian police spokeswoman said the girl, being called Natasha, is being monitored by psychologists. Russian police also said Natasha's mother had been located. The Russian woman was being questioned. Natasha the feral girl's father has not been found.

DogCat girl Natasha refuses to eat with a spoon. The Russian has apparently taken on many of the gestures of the dogs and cats with which feral girl Natasha lived.

"When carers leave the room, the girl jumps at the door and barks," the police said.

Natasha was found after an anonymous caller tipped police that Natasha was living in "inhumane conditions".

A spokesperson where Natasha was now being looked after said:

“She plays with other children here now, although she hardly ever speaks. She will have to be examined for we believe that she might be mute. She lags behind other children in her physical development too,”


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