Mohamed Altoumaimi : Iraqi Boy in Sweden Solves 300 year old mathematical Bernoulli Numbers mystery

Picture of teen mathematics whiz Mohamed Altoumaimi below.
17th century mathematician, Jacob Bernoulli. Iraqi-Swedish boy, Mohamed Altoumaimi cracks the problem.

A 16-year-old Iraqi immigrant living in central Sweden, Mohamed Altoumaimi, has figured out a formula that has challenged great mathematical minds for 300 hundred years, the so called Bernoulli numbers problem.

The immigrant who arrived in Sweden in 2003 during the Iraq War, Mohamed Altoumami is now earning praise from professors at the prestigious Uppsala University

Teachers of Mohamed Altoumaimi were at first sceptical. The High School student said his teachers in Falun, Sweden were not convinces at the whiz kids work at first.

Picture: Teen Iraqi-Swede Mohamed Altoumaimi solves the 300 year old Jacob Bernoulli's Bernoulli Numbers mystery.

An excited Mohamed Altoumaimi told the Falu Kuriren newspaper: "When I first showed it to my teachers, none of them thought the formula I had written down really worked"

Toying over his trusty notebook for four months, Mohamed Altoumaimi had found a formula to explain and simplify a sequence of calculations named after the 17th century Swiss mathematician Jacob Bernoulli.

However Mohamed Altourmaimi's teachers were not convinced. But undeterred by the doubts of his teachers, Altoumaimi decided to contact professors at Uppsala University in hopes they would validate his work.

“Right away they wanted to take a look at all my calculations and the documents where I show that the formula really works,” said Altoumaimi.

After verifying the calculations, Uppsala University senior maths lecturer Lars-Åke Lindahl then contacted Mohamed Altoumaimi’s teachers to tell them what a gifted student he was.

“It’s really exciting, now all the teachers have come and congratulated me,” Mohamed Altoumaimi said.

Now Mohamed Altoumaimi's high school plans to take advantage his amazing achievement. Mohamed Altoumaimi will begin working as an instructor for several math teachers in Falun in the coming months.

Mohamed Altoumaimi also plans to study advanced math and physics over the summer months.

“I wanted to be a researcher in physics or mathematics; I really like those subjects. But I have to get better at English and social science,” Mohamed Altoumaimi told Falu-Kuriren

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