Video: Neil McCallum, Hero Saves Kangaroo From Surf on Australia's Gold Coast

Picture: Hero Australia, Neil McCallum saves a kangaroo from shark infested Aussie surf.

Steve Irwin may be long gone, but Aussies in the land Down Under still refuse to stop putting their life on the line to save wild animals, with hero Australian Neil McCallum pulling a Kangaroo from the wild surf.

In the bizarre tale, 48 Neil McCallum was on an early morning walk with his 15-year-old son named Jazz on Kirra Beach opan>n the Gold Coast in Australia's northern Queensland state when a juvenile kangaroo bounded across their path, jumped into the surf and started swimming out to sea, Neil McCallum told local media.

Concerned about the possibility of Hammer Head sharks that had been seen at the beach in recent days, Neil McCallum had to make a call to jump into the surf to save the suicidal kangaroo or let it be eaten by sharks.

As our hero Neil McCallum looked toward the swimming kangaroo, another man who had not seen the hopping marsupial on the beach, came up to McCallum to say that he should go rescue his dog.

"A guy came up and said: 'Gee your dog's a long way out'," Mr McCallum said yesterday. "I said: 'That's not a dog, that's a kangaroo'."

In true superman esk hero style, Neil McCallum raced back to his nearby home, threw on some swimming shorts and headed out to save the kangaroo, clearly suffering a case of Aussie teen angst.

"It was very frightened by the time I got to it. I grabbed it on the back and it sort of shook me off like a wild animal. So I tried to wrestle him on to my surfboard and he found it difficult to stay on board."

After a tough fight in the suft, hero Roo saver Neil McCallum managed to herd the kangaroo into the shallows of a sand bar. The Kangaroo soon regained its strenth and before bounding away back into the bush.

A puzzled Niel McCallum told Australian media he'd never seen a kangaroo in the area before, only bush turkeys and, yesterday morning, a koala.

To top it all off, Neil McCallums smart wife make the snap decision to grab the family video camera Sony Handycam and shot it all on tape for the world to see.

Enjoy the roo rescue video below:

Full story from tabloid TV show in Australia:


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