Karina Oakley : Genius Toddler with IQ of 160

Proud mother with Mensa new member, Karina Oakley, toddler genius...

Meet the genius 2-year-old toddler Karina Oakley.

With an IQ equal to some of the greatest minds of all time, little Karina Oakley is likely one of the smartest and most gifted child in the world, and the youngest member of Mensa.

Holding an IQ of 160, Karina Oakley is on par with the intelligence scores of some of the greatest minds known to man.

"Karina is a lovely, responsive and friendly little girl," said Professor Joan Freeman who tested Karina Oakley.

"Karina Oakley is more than very bright and capable, she is gifted."

"She enjoyed the test. The pleasure she took in the mental challenge in itself I have found to be a sign of intelligence."

"During the test it was noted that she gave imaginative responses to questions. For instance when asked, "What do you use your eyes for?" she answered, "You close them when you go to sleep"' and then also said, "You put your contact lenses in them".'

Gifted with words and a great imagination, when Karina Oakley was asked what was missing from a picture of a broken teapot, she replied: "It's missing a handle - but also a picnic blanket and cupcakes."

The gifted toddler, Karina Oakley can also remember foreign words and phrases after hearing them just once, and is especially good at recalling numbers, shapes and writing.

Charlotte Fraser, Karina Oakley's mother, took her daughter to Professor Joan Freeman, after watching a TV show on super intelligent children.

"I took her up to London to see Professor Joan Freeman, mainly because I'd seen a programme about child geniuses," the 36-year-old said.

"Quite a lot of people had said to me that Karina is quite smart, quite bright, quite clear with her speech and quick to pick things up."

"So I looked Professor Freeman up on the Internet, and gave her a call see if she would see her and get her tested, it was just a bit of fun really," proud mother Charlotte Fraser added.

During testing by Professor Freeman, Karina Oakley was asked to question number problems and complete challenges.

The child genius, Karina Oakley was required to sit through problems in a number of different categories; verbal ability, memory, handling a pencil and numbers and shapes.

Professor Freeman concluded Karina Oakley has a gift for words and had a "wonderful imagination."

The amazing IQ score of 160 given to Karina Oakley was reached by converting Karina's raw score for her test with another figure indicating her mental age. Professor Freeman concludes Karina Oakley had a mental age of a 4-year-old child.

With an IQ of 160, Karina Oakley rivals the minds of Microsoft legend Bill Gates and fellow Britain and Theoretical Physicist Steven Hawking, who both have an IQ of 160 respectively.

Karina Oakley's mother Charlotte tried to explain her child's amazing intelligence: "I have stayed at home with her for almost three years, I have always talked to her a lot, always tried to answer her questions, we do a lot of things, we go to the park and we are part of various groups, that must make a difference."

"I don't know whether it's that, combined with something that she was born with. I just think of her as Karina, I don't have anyone to compare her to."


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