Michelle Braun Pictures : Hollywood Call Girl Scandal Set to "Shock" Entertainment World

Pictures of Michelle Braun below, Hollywood clients....
Picture: Michelle Braun with Paris Hilton...

The entertainment world is set to be "shocked" after revelations in a Florida court that Michelle Braun was named as the woman alleged to have presided over 70 of "the most expensive call girls in the world".
Facebook page of Michelle Braun, picture.

Madam Michelle Braun is said to have commanded up to $50,000 dollars US a night for her list of "A-list" call girls from her Boca Raton, Florida establishment.

The blond 31-year-old Michelle Braun was caught by the FBI after flying one of her super high class call girls from LA to New York, in an undercover sting that saw a government agent pose as a Michelle Braun client.

Investigators caught onto the Michelle Braun super expensive call girl business ring about two years ago after an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.
Michelle Braun with one of her alleged clients, Mickey Rourke...
Michelle Braun seen with actor Terrence Howard with an unidentified woman....

In that interview Michelle Braun was as running the most expensive escort service, telling Rolling Stone: "All I do is make the introductions between famous girls and rich guys who want to meet them."

Michelle Braun's client list includes high profile Hollywood celebrities Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen, Jose Canseco, Courtney Love are names have turned up in records provided to authorities.

Its believed Michell Braun has banked some $10 million or more since taking over the super high class call girl Hollywood service business. Michelle Braun stepped in after the arrest of Heii Fleiss , a famous ’90s Madam where A-list stars such as Charlie Sheen paid big bucks a night with a super hot super high class lady.

Allegations say Michelle Braun charged clients several thousand dollars just to sign up for and online memberships to her company, called Global Travel Network. Michelle Braun's Global Travel Network website is inaccessible.

Her high class, super hot call girls hired by Michelle Braun for the Rich and famous would would charge up to $10,000 a day for “travel expenses” on top.

In a court case set for October, evidence such as phone records, computer equipment and paper documents will be used in the case against Madam Michelle Braun.

The arrest of Michelle Braun has sent a "wave of panic" thoughout Hollywood, midea said.

“Let's just say you'd be shocked,” Michelle Braun lawyer Marc Nurik told the Daily Mail when asked who was among her clientele.

Its unlikely Michelle Braun will spend time in jail, having cooperated fully with FBI and made a full confession, its believed.


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