Richelle Olson : Bruno the Austrian Fashionista Sued

And here come the lawsuits, new Sacha Baron Cohen comedy, Bruno set for law suit flood.

A Californian woman, Richelle Olson, is suing Austrian fashionista Bruno for a stunt he pulled as part of the new film, Bruno.

The charity worker, Richelle Olson, was organizing a seniors bingo game in Palmdale, California. Richelle Olson claims that Sacha Baron Cohen offered to guest at the bingo game, billing himself as a European celebirty, which surely Bruno the Austrian fashionista is, Austria being in Europe.

According to Richelle Olson, when Bruno the European celebrity showed up in his fashionista sexytime costume, a "violent" struggle ensued over the bingo microphone.

The suit claims that Richelle Olson tried to snatch the microphone from her after Bruno began speaking with "vulgar and offensive language" when he took the stage to call the numbers during the bingo game.

An angry Richelle Olson claims that the "defendants attacked [her] for a period of one to five minutes to intentionally create a dramatic emotional response ... while [they] recorded her humiliation and embarrassment."for all to see in the upcoming July 11 Bruno film.

A bitter Richelle Olson claimed in court documents that she experienced an emotional breakdown after the "assault". Richelle Olson is even claiming Bruno put her in a wheel chair. Richelle Olson says that she hit her head on a concrete slab during the Bruno stunt and has been confined to a wheelchair since the 2007 incident due to "brain bleeding."

Executive director of Desert Valley Charities, Richelle Olson intended to sue Bruno star Sacha Baron Cohen, NBC Universal and several other parties over Bruno film stunt.

In the court papers, Richelle Olson accurately describes Bruno as a "extreme, outrageous, offensive caricature of a gay man dressed in sexually revealing clothing with an Austrian accent"

The documents from Richelle Olson also go on to say that BrĂ¼no "offensively touched, pushed and battered" Richelle Olson.

The alleged brain injury to Richelle Olson came following the alleged Bruno film assault. The Richelle Olson V Bruno suit claims Richelle Olson went into an adjoining room at the bingo hall after the incident. Richelle Olson claims she began "sobbing uncontrollably" before becoming unconscious and "falling forward onto the thinly covered concrete slab, passing out and causing her to hit her head."

After the concrete slab alleged incident Richelle Olson was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with "two brain bleeds" according to the suit. Richelle Olson and her husband are suing Sahcha Baron Cohen and the Bruno film makers for unspecified damages, even including loss of marital relations.

Video: Bruno the gay Austrian Fashionista crashes fashion show catwalk during filming:


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Kevin said... July 7, 2009 at 8:18 PM

so she cried so much, she passed out and hit her head? Sounds to me like a personal problem. I mean, its not like he pushed her down and caused injury. she caused her own injury. He may be responsable for her embarrassment, but, she slammed her on head into the concrete. Her fault.