Silvio Berlusconi Villa Certosa Pictures: El Pais Pictures from Antonello Zappadu

Below are pictures from Antonello Zappadu, published in Spanish tabloid newspaper, El Pais on Friday June 5 2009. The Berlusconi Villa scandal pictures by Antonello Zappadu threten another major scandal on the Italian Prime Minister after weeks of speculation about his relationship with model Noemi Letizia and his marriage split with wife Veronica Lario.

Spanish language newspaper had today gone public with the previously banned pictures from photographer Antonello Zappadu showing semi naked guests, which may include minors, at the billionaire Italian Prime Minister's villa in Sardina.

The pictures of guests at the Berlusconi Villa Certosa were shot by photo journalists, Antonello Zappadu, and threaten to take down the powerful Italian Prime Minister is an ongoing scandal saga over 18-year-old model Noemi Letizia, a travel scandal involving the PM using the Italian government aircraft to fly in celebrities, powerful friends and young woman to Berlusconi's luxury Villa estate in Sardina.

The Antonello Zappadu pictures from Berlusconis Sardina Villa show scenes of parties attended by Noemi Letizia, who the Prime Minister is rumoured to have some sort of love or dating relationship. Other young women, with aspiring modelling and show business careers are shown the pictures from Antonello Zappadu published by El Pais, Italian media noted.

Silvio Berlusconi owns much of the Italian media, and his influence on various TV stations and publications runs deep.

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