Where is Air France Flight 447? Patricia Coakley, Wife of Missing Man Arthur Coakley on Plane says Mobile Cell Phone Still Rings

Not giving up on Air France Crash of Flight 447. Patricia Coakley in UK claims she can still ring missing man on Air France Flight 447 mobile phone....

Its been more than 24hours after Air France Flight 447 went missing off radar screens in Africa and South America somewhere over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. However, the wife of missing Briton on AF 447, Author Coakley, says her attempt to ring her husbands mobile cell phone sees the phone ring.
Missing on Air France Flight 447, Arthur Coakley....

58-year-old Patricia Coakley told UK media that she has not given up hope on her husband Arthur Coakley who was on Air France Flight 447.

The UK woman, Patricia Coakley said her husband had called her from the airport in Rio to say he was boarding the plane to Paris.

Despite the fact Flight 447 went missing, presumed crashed over the Atlantic Ocean, Patricia Coakley clings to the hope that Arthur Coakley is alive. Patrcia maintains she has rung Arthur's mobile and the cell phone was still ringing.

Arthur Coakley Mobile phone on the Atlantic Ocean surface? Given the isolated location of Air France 447's location, only satellite phones could be reached...The mystery deepens.

"My one hope is that I keep ringing his mobile and it rings. My theory is it can't be at the bottom of the sea because it rings - and that is my hope"

"He rang me from the airport to say he was there. He had checked in his luggage and was waiting for his flight to be called. He wasn't meant to be on that flight until the last minute. He should have come home on May 19, then May 29."

If Patricia's claims are true that she can still ring Arthur Coakley's cell/mobile phone, search and rescue could use the clue to help locate the location of the presumed down Air France Flight 447.

French and Brazilian search and rescue planes and ships were working on the theory that a debris field would be found somewhere on top of the Atlantic Ocean north of the Brazilian coast and to the west of Africa.

Reports say the pilot of a Brazilian cargo airliner reported seeing "something on fire" in the sea below.

A Brazillian ship has reached the area where the pilot reported seeing orange objects way below on the ocean floor, but nothing was found BNO news said via Twitter.

Air France flight AF447 vanished from radar screens in what Air France says was a massive tropical storm as it flew from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

Video: Patricia Coakley talks to BBC News.....

More as this develops.

Air France Flight 447 timeline and AF 447 flight path from Globe and Mail.


3 Responses to "Where is Air France Flight 447? Patricia Coakley, Wife of Missing Man Arthur Coakley on Plane says Mobile Cell Phone Still Rings"

Danny said... June 2, 2009 at 9:56 AM

Well, if the phone rings, then it could be easy to locate it and so perhaps the plane ...?

Adrienne said... June 2, 2009 at 10:00 AM

I read that "orange spots" have been located by other pilotes 40 minute after disappearance of the aircraft. Life rafts? Are they on board the airbus? Location, location, location...! I'm not giving up hope yet!

Martin said... June 2, 2009 at 4:07 PM

I have tree logical explanation!

1. The phone was not on that plane.

2. Must be a network repeater near the plain crash, if not a terror attack.

3. If had a crash ... the plane explode in air near ground and part of the luggage are on the ground part on the water. The phone could be in bag on the top of the water or on the gorund. Maybe It's possible the plane fly in unknown way if electronical problem and without radar and communication could be anywhere.

I'd like .... I would really like happy end for this!