Breast Implant Tattoo : Man Gets Boob Job for his Lady Tattoo, Pictures

Unnamed man about to get a tattoo boob job injection.

A man has gone there, he has gotten a boob job... But its not because he wants some bizarre freaky man boobs to show off, he got it for his lovely lady in a bikini tattoo on his leg.

Pictures of the boob job tattoo have been swirling around the web after the son of a worker at a tattoo parlor posted pictures of the tattoo injections online. The pictures show a tattoo artist injecting cosmetic juice into the mans leg creating an appearance of a woman with large breasts to compliment the tattoo.

The bizarre boob job tattoo was even featured on the Ugliest Tattoo blog for tattoo enthusiasts the world over to snark over.

The unnamed man is pictured being injected by a tattoo artist with a massive needle via a large cut in his leg on the shin area. The bizarre tattoo cosmetic boob surgery pictures are now a viral web hit.

Pictures... Tattoo boob job for mans leg, lady in bikini tattoo.


1 Response to "Breast Implant Tattoo : Man Gets Boob Job for his Lady Tattoo, Pictures"

Kim said... July 18, 2009 at 11:24 PM

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Michael Jackson?