Maxine Hardcastle Pictures : Model in Rival War

Love rivals....Celebs caught up in bashing drama...Maxine Hardcastle (left) and Louise Glover (right)....

A UK glamour model has been accused of bashing her love rival, music star Maxine Hardcastle, in a bizarre nightclub cubicle incident.

UK media report model and reality TV star 26-year-old Louise Glover is accused of having bashed alleged love rival Maxine Hardcastle in 2007, after Glover claimed Maxine Hardcastle had looked at her husband the wrong way.

Maxine Hardcastle is the daughter of 1980's British pop star Paul Hardcastle.

Reports say Maxine Hardcastle told a judge that she was sharing a cubicle in a Sussex nightclub's bathroom with another woman when former mens magazine glamour model Louise Glover "squeezed in and locked the door".

"She was flipping: one minute she was trying to be nice," a sobbing Maxine Hardcastle recalled.

"The next she was telling me she was going to hurt me if I went near [her husband]," 23-year-old Maxine Hardcastle said.

The third unnamed woman then left the cubicle after model Louise Glove spilt an alcoholic beverage on her. A stunned Maxine Hardcastle attempted to follow her pal before Maxine Hardcastle was punched in the face by Louise Glove, it was reported.

"I was on the floor crying and she picked me up by the hair and did the same thing again," Maxine Hardcastle is reported to have said.

The violent incident is alleged to be so bad that Maxine Hardcastle had pieces of her hair completely ripped out, some of Maxine Hardcastles hair has not yet grown back.

Other injuries Maxine Hardcastle claims to have sustained from the glamour model attack on her included a broken nose, and what Maxine Hardcastle described as a "big black egg" bruise on her head.


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