Video: Baby Run Over by Train in Australia

AMAZING PHOTO: Miricle Australian baby alive after being hit by train...Baby was dragged 40 meters under the train in amazing escape. Video and story below....

Amazing video: Baby hit by train....

Video: Baby survives train hit...Baby run over by train in Australia October 16 2009.

A baby has escaped serious injury in Australia when his pram rolled onto the tracks as a train approached Ashburton station in Melbourne, Australia.

The train driver activated emergency brakes to slow the 250 ton train as it approached the six-month-old baby during near peak hour travel on Friday afternoon.

The baby miraculously only suffered a small bump to the head when the pram was pushed 40 metres along the tracks to the shock of witnesses and the baby's mother, video below of the baby being hit by a train shows.

"The train driver will have been extremely shocked by this incident, and when we know a small child is involved, then it's even worse than some of the other things we've seen," a transport Victoria spokesperson said of the baby being run over by train video.

"[The driver] used his training well in this situation and he has applied the brakes as hard as possible.

"But of course the best situation is that it never happens, so if everyone could take that advice - hold on to the prams, don't ever let go."

Authorites in Australia are now urging parents to make sure prams are fitted with restraints in the wake of the baby in Victoria, Australia incident.

Spokesman Dr Mark Stokes says it is almost certain the restraint on the baby's pram saved the child's life.

"The child was strapped in. Had the child not been strapped in when the train did connect with the pram, the child would have been dislodged from the pram and possibly rolled over by the train," he said.

The young infant was rushed to a nearby childrens hospital. The miracle Australian baby was discharged soon after. His mother was also taken to hospital suffering shock.

Video: Baby Survives Train Hit:


2 Responses to "Video: Baby Run Over by Train in Australia"

LILY_JASMINE said... October 17, 2009 at 9:21 AM

stupid mother didnt take care her kid well!!!

MoviezDB said... October 18, 2009 at 5:30 AM

It is nice to know that the baby is okay. I hope the mother is alright.