American Airlines Flight AA331 Jamaica Crash December 22 2009

Picture: TV cameras capture the scene of crash... Tail section of American Airlines Flight 331 December 22 2009 crash at Kingston International Airport.

American Airlines Flight AA331 Miami, Florida to Kingston, Jamaica crashes.

90 people have been injured after an American Airlines Flight AA331 from Florida crashed and broke in half after appearing to either over shoot the runway, or experience a hard landing, on arrival in Jamaica.

Picture: Kingston did all passangers and crew walk away from this alive?

AA Flight 331, a Boeing 737-800, crash landed in pelting rain at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica just after 10pm local time Tuesday December 22, local media said.

A passenger on America Airlines Flight 331 Miami to Kingston spoke to local news media at the airport terminal after the crash.

“The plane crashed and broke almost in front of me,” passenger Naomi Palmer told a reporter for the Jamaica Observer.

There were no reports of fatalities by the airline or officials at writing, just over 2 hours after the reported crash of the American Airlines jet.

CNN reported that AA331 had 145 passengers and 7 crew members. Aviation enthusiasts said American Airlines 331 had its departure delayed by approximately 1 hour at Miami International airport before leaving for Kingston Tuesday evening.

The exact cause of the crash is still unknown.

Video report: Crash landing of Flight AA331, Associated Press:


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