Annemarie van Kesteren Pictures: Wife of Manchester United Soccer Star has Stroke

Pictures: Annemarie van Kesteren below...
Picture: Annemarie van Kesteren and Manchest United Football club keeper Edwin van der Sar.

Wife of Manchester goal keeper Edwin van der Sar, Annemarie van Kesteren, is seriously ill in hospital.

British media report the wife of long time Manchester United Football Club, keeper, Annemarie van Kesteren, collapsed last Wednesday of a suspected stroke.

Edwin van der Sar has been keeping a constand bed side vigil of wife Annemarie van Kesteren since the pre-Christmas 2009 tragedy.

Sports news said the world famous Manchester United goalkeeper was given compassionate leave by football coach Sir Alex Ferguson for as long as he needs.

Reports siad 36-year-old Annemarie van Kesteren collapsed in the Netherlands on Wednesday. Annemarie van Kesteren had a condition described as “very poor".

Edwin van der Sar had been out of action on the soccer field for some time with a knee injury. The Manchester United star had been with Annemarie van Kesteren and his extended family in the Netherlands while he rested his injury.

Manchest United Coach Sir Alex Fergusen said: "Annemarie van Kesteren had a problem over in Holland a week ago and has been admitted to hospital. That is the best place for her to be. They have examined her twice and are trying to get to the root of it.

"I have told Edwin to stay over there. There is no point in him being here. The best thing is for him to be with Annemarie."

The Manchester United star and Annemarie van Kesteren married in 2006 and have two children together.

The Dutch couple were married in a wedding ceremony that took place at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, in May 2006. Annemarie van Kesteren and van der Sar children are son Joe and daughter Lynn.

Photos: Annemarie van Kesteren with husband, Dutch national goalkeeper and Mancheste United English Premier League championship player Edwin van der Sar....


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