Fabiana Andrade Pictures: Brazil Glamour Model in Rio Shoot Out

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Brazilian fashion and glamour model, Fabiana Andrade near miss. Model in a shoot of a different kind.

A popular Brazilian glamour model, Fabiana Andrade, and her husband have been involved in an apparent attempted carjacked and robbery and ensuing shoot out in a Rio suburb, media say.

The latin beauty, Fabiana Andrade and her husband had just left a local gym in thier Audi sports car when they were surrounded by members of a gang, Brazilian news reports said.

At least 3 of the gang members were armed and forced the busy model beauty, Fabiana Andrade and her lover out of their luxury car and forced to hand over cash and other goods.

Talking afterwards, glamour model Fabiana Andrade said her partner was not willing to co-operate with the men and used his firearm from his car to begin shooting.

The luscious glamour model Fabiana Andrade found herself hiding behind the couples Audi sports car in the chaos, fearing for her life.

Despite the resistance from husband of Fabiana Andrade, the model said she had her expensive purse and her cell phone taken from her in the chaos.

Talking to media afterward, the fashion model and glamour girl, Fabiana Andrade said: "I thought it was going to die. They come ready to kill. They have arrived with guns drawn, ordering out of the car, and I went out calling for calm, gave the purse and cell phone. When my husband opened the car door, he has received the shots. They were shooting and I was very nervous."

Brazil media said one of the bandits was wounded in the glamour model Fabiana Andrade shoot out.

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