United Airlines 634 Emergency Landing at Newark International

Crash landing, United Airlines Flight 634, Chicago to New Jersey jet lands with missing landing gear Sunday morning January 10 2010....Fire repellent, emergency shoots deployed, United Flight 643

Picture: Scene just after United Airlines Airbus from Chicago to Newark Airport makes emergency landing. Reports said one of the landing gear on the United Airlines Airbus failed to deploy. Passengers evacuated on plastic shoots.

Crash landing at Newark Liberty International airport in New Jersey, flight 634.

United flight 634 has made an emergency landing at Newark International airport in New Jersey, reports MSNBC.
Photo: Emergency responders surround United Flight 634 after Sunday morning, January 20 2010 at Newark Airport.

The United Airlines Flight 634 landed at Newark successfully after their right rear landing gear failed to deploy. All passengers and crew are said to be okay.

United Flight 634 crash landed at 9:30am local time, reports said.

The United Airlines Flight 634 is now sitting on the Newark International tarmac. All flights out of Newark are temporarily suspended reports said, due to the emergency landing of Flight 634.

The United Airlines aircraft was an Airbus and was travelling from Chicago to Newark with 53 passengers on board.


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fagirl72 said... January 15, 2010 at 3:32 AM

Look at the date next to the 2nd and 3rd photo stating January 20th. Right now as I type this it isn't even the 20th of January yet. I think they mean the 12th.