China conducting quantum teleportation experiments: Wikileaks

New revelations from confidential US diplomatic cables controversially leaked by whistle blower website Wikileaks suggest China is investing heavily in advanced science projects, including successful experiments in quantum teleportation.

A cable leaked from the US Embassy in Beijing over the weekend details various scientific programs underway by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Hefei, Anhui Province, China.

The programs were observed by an American diplomat at the invitation of the Chinese Government.

The documents say the Academy of Sciences have various research programs, "in biometrics, computational physics and material science, nanoscience and nanomaterials, soft-matter physics, environmental spectrometry, fiber optic wave-length division multiplexing, quantum communications, superconductors and spintroncis, and cognitive sciences."

Most startlingly, the US diplomat reported advanced experiments in the area of quantum communication in a mysterious project named "Program 178".

The Academy of Sciences was seen by the diplomat "conducting research in quantum teleportation and free space quantum cryptography that scientists hope will result in “totally secure” communications."

The most mysterious element of this area, the diplomat reported was"USTC that also oversees China’s “Program 178,” although they did not describe the nature of this program. (COMMENT: A cursory walk through their labs seemed to indicate they had already succeeded in single-particle quantum teleportation and are now trying to conduct dual-particle quantum teleportation."

How advanced China's quantum teleportation program was not known & obvioulsy remains a closely guarded secret.

Explanation of Quantum Teleportation, Wikipedia.

The document also says China has plans to open at least 70 nuclear fission power plants within the next 10 years to feed its hungry economy.

Other scientific research projects observed by the US diplomat include:

-- "Attempts to prove that a nuclear fusion reaction can be sustained indefinitely, at high enough temperatures, to produce energy in a cost-effective way."

-- A program to develop a "device to measure weight and two-dimensional sheer forces applied by a person’s foot during walking to create a uniquely identifiable biometrics profile. The device can be covertly installed in a floor and is able to collect biometrics data on individuals covertly without their knowledge."

-- Attempts to develop super strong and flexible materials through "one-dimensional nanomaterials spin and charge research using perovskite manganese oxides, and the design and preparation of high-dampening materials."

-- Experiments with "spectrometry technology to detect TATP explosives for use in counter-terrorism efforts... ( the Academy of Sciences) was also conducting fiber optic research on wave-length division multiplexing (WDM) technologies using pulsed and continuous laser sources at both single-mode and multi-mode wavelengths. A cursory walk through one of their labs revealed that IOFM was specifically conducting experiments in the 980-1150 nanometer range, and that they were conducting experiments using hydrogen-filled fiber optic communication lines."

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