St Kilda AFL Facebook Photo Scandal, Kim Duthie Creates Online Storm

Picture: Kim Duthie

St. Kilda AFL club football players in online photo scandal.

The Australian Football League is in damage control after photos of famous players from the St. Kilda Football Club were published online via social media outlets.

The images of the football players were allegedly leaked online by a 19-year-old model named Kim Duthie. It's not known how Duthie obtained the pictures of the football players in compromising positions.

The Facebook user wrote on her page: "Feel free to forward it on to everyone!!! Let's see if we can get then humiliated on the news by tonight, it'll either be that... Or I'll be in a psychiatric ward, one of the two.. Either way? Haha x."

Duthie also told Australian radio networks that she has up to 21 photos of other Aussie Rules players.

'There are players from other clubs: West Coast, Sydney, Collingwood, Richmond, Hawthorn and few of Melbourne. They are of a similar nature to the first one that came out,'' Kim Duthie said in a telephone interview.

''I will not stop until I am satisfied; it's basically just about getting revenge.''

"I'm not just a one or two trick(photo) pony!!! I'm a 21 TRICK PONY MY BEAUTIES!!!!!!," Kim Duthie wrote on her Twitter account.

The players in the photos were identified by Melbourne media outlets as Nick Riewoldt and Zac Dawson in the first photo, with Nick Dal Santo in the second photo below.

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