Tera Myers pictures: Tericka Dye

Picture: Tera Myers

Story: Teacher Tera Myers stood down from job after exposed as ex adult star.

High School teacher Tera Myers has been suspended from her job as a high school teacher after her past came back to haunt her.

The well liked teacher was exposed by a student who discovered vision of Tera Myers from a shoot she underwent in the 1990s.

Working under the name Tericka Dye, its not the first time Tera Myers was embroiled in controversy over her past.

In 2006 Tera Myers lost her job from a Kentucky high school after her past was identified "I'm a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who's made a lot of bad decisions in life. This being the most major. I wish that I could undo it more than anything in the world," Myers said at the time.

Video: Tera Myers from local news broadcast:

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