Malori Wampler Pictures: NFL Football Cheerleader

Picture: Malor Wampler from NFL team Indanapolis Colts.

Malori Wampler pictures...

A former football cheerleader, Malori Wampler, is suing after she was alleged to have been fired for posing in risque photographs.

27-year-old Malori Wampler claims she was discriminated against when the photos of her posing in a painted-on bikini were leaked out by a fan.

Ms Malori Wampler is now taking the Indianapolis Colts football team to task for allegedly unfairly firing her from the cheerleading position.

The football team claims Malori Wampler violated the football team's code of conduct, claiming Malor Wampler broke a cection of the code claiming cheerleaders could not participate in "any act that will or may create notoriety." Below: Pictures of Malori Wampler at Indianapolis football team promotional events.

Indonesian-American beauty Malori Wampler wants the Indianapolis Colts to re-hire her and pay her back for the games she missed.

For Malori Wampler, its not just an issue about being dismissed from the football team cheer squad becuase of the pictures, Malori Wampler also claims that racism was also at play.

Cheerleader Malori Wampler claims other girls in the football cheerleading squad appeard in similar photographs, but were not punished. Malori Wampler claims the other girls who got away with such picutres were white.

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